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INTERNATIONAL & Italian Wedding Awards

Commitment, growth, determination and improvement.

These are the goals that I set myself daily for my professional growth. Going on a comparison with reality at national and international level brings so many stimuli. In addition to study and improvement, these annual Wedding Awards allow you to evaluate your level of personal growth over the years.

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WEVA Italian Awards 2020

- 1st place "Best Cameraman"

- 1st place "Best Video Editor"

- 3rd place "Best Videographer"

- 3rd place "Best Pilot"

- 4th place "Best Sound Producer"

- 4th place "Best Wedding Highlights"

- 5th place "Best Engagement"

WEVA International Awards 2020

- 4th place "Best Videographer"

- 4th place "Best Wedding Highlights"

- 5th place "Best Cameraman"

- 5th place "Best Pilot"

- 5th place "Best Walk"

Winner ZankYou ZIWA Awards 2020

2020 Award Bride Association

Film: Daydreams in Tuscany

WEVA International Awards 2019

- 4th place "Best Young Professional"

- 5th place "Best Wedding Highlights"

WEVA Italian Awards 2019

- 2nd place "Best Pilot"

- 3rd place "Best Cameraman"

- 4th Place "Best "Best Cameraman"

- 4th place "Best SDE maker"

- 5th place "Best Wedding Highlights"

- 5th place "Best Walk"

International Golden Heart Awards 2019

- Winner Winter Award

WEVA Italian Awards 2021

- 1st place "Best Videographer"

- 1st place "Best Engagement"

- 1st place "Best Highlights"

- 2nd place "Best Editor"

WEVA International Awards 2021

- Super judge


- Professional qualification

Inspiration Photographers

- Jury member

- 2 Awards

- 1 Honorable mention


- Jury member at Concursul Anual 2021

Winner ZankYou ZIWA Awards 2021


The Wedding Awards are very important in the career of a videographer. Not only for the achievement of prestigious goals, but above all, they give the opportunity to meet with many wedding videographers from all over the world, thus creating new incentives to grow and improve.

I constantly thank my couples for believing in me as their wedding videographer. It is an honor and a responsibility, which I never take lightly. They give me the opportunity to express my art through emotions. So much hard work goes into every wedding video and when this work is rewarded not only by couples but also by international organizations and film festivals, this is the ultimate reward.

Being named one of the most talented wedding videographers is more than enough. But being considered the “Best Video Editor” and the “Best Cameraman” in Italy, and being named 4th “Best Wedding Videographer” in the world in 2020 is for me an honor and an incredible feeling that I will carry on forever.


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